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DIY: Crepe Paper Flowers

DIY: Crepe Paper Flowers

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* 1 spool of floral wire
* 1 spool of floral tape
* Acrylic craft paint (we used our favorite, Martha Stewart's brand)
* Scissors (we used Tim Holz Tonic titanium scissors, because they will cut floral wire!)
* Double-sided crepe paper in yellow and green
* Metallic crepe paper
* Small craft paint brush
* Markers (we used Tombow markers)
* Not pictured: Glue, either Aileene’s craft glue, or a hot glue gun
* Template, click here



1) Print the template, see above, and cut it out. (This template is sourced from a vintage 1948 craft magazine called “How to Make Flowers.”)


2) Cut out the crepe paper according to the template. Note the grain direction of your crepe paper. You will want this to run the length of the crepe paper (the 3 lines on your template patterns should align with the grain of the paper). Also notice that the crepe paper should be folded in half when you cut out the center tube.


For each flower, you will need: 4-6 petals, 1 center tube, 2 leaves, 1-2 sheaths. You can cut more than one petal at a time, again, just be sure that the grain of the paper is going in the same vertical direction when you cut them. Lastly, you will need a piece of metallic paper 1.5” in length and 2” in width. Cut fringe at 1/4” in width, about 1” down the the crepe paper. Round off the fringe by trimming their corners (see photo below, right, for reference).


3) If desired, paint or decorate your petals. We colored our center tube orange and our leaves a darker green. You might also think about painting the petals at the ends with white or darker yellow, to create an ombre effect. You can also experiment with dipping the petals in bleach for funky effects.



4) Stretch and manipulate the ends of the center tube. (The double-sided crepe paper is great to shape: it is strong and durable.) “Flute” the tips of the center tube be holding the flower in between two fingers, and twist (see photo below). This will help give the paper a more dimensional look. Stretch the tube at the top as well, so that it has a flared effect. Seal up the center tube with a line of glue.




5) Cut a length of floral wire about 20 inches, and fold in half.


6) Now we will begin building the bloom, starting with the core, and working our way out to the petals. Begin by wrapping the fringed metallic paper around the end of the floral wire, where you bent the wire in half. Glue this in place.



7) Slide the bell tube onto the wire from the bottom to the top, and secure with floral tape. Note, as you stretch the floral tape, it activates the adhesive. Both sides of the floral tape are sticky. You can tear it with your fingers, or cut with scissors. Wind and stretch the tape down the wire, starting where the tube is. You can wind all the way to the bottom of the wire.



8)  Shape your petals. Notice the difference between the shaped petals and the unshaped petal in the bottom left photo. The shaping is done with a technique called cupping: you place your thumbs in the middle of the petal and pull outwards. To see a great video tutorial, click here!




9) Layer your petals around the base of the tube. You want the skinniest part of the petal to be touching the bottom of the tube and part of the floral wire stem. Layer the petals, just slightly overlapping them. You can put a dab of glue onto the petals, to keep them in place while you arrange them. Once in place, wrap the floral tape around the petals, winding and stretching. Again, you can wrap the floral tape all the way to the bottom of the stem.


10) The last step is to put the leaves in place. You may want 2 leaves, or just one. Place them near the bottom of the stem, and wind the floral tape around them and the stem to fasten. once you get towards the bottom of the stem, you can add a leaf or two. place them at the bottom of the stem, or a couple inches above. Wrap the floral tape around them to secure (see the picture above, on the right).


11) It’s starting to look like a daffodil! Now it’s time to add the sheath. Crush the metallic sheath, and pull it apart, so it looks a bit wrinkly. Now place it about one inch from the base of the flowers, and again wind the floral tape around it, to secure it to the stem, and wind down a couple inches.


12) You’re almost done! The last step is to take a look and tweak anything. You can gently put a finger into the tube at the top of the flower and expand it, if it is looking wrinkled or deflated. You can also play with the petals, maybe trimming them to make them skinnier.


13) Try making these again with white crepe paper and different color combinations. It’s also fun to play with different petal ratios. Take a step back and admire your new forever flowers!




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