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Ball point pens weren't really created for fine art work, but anyone who has doodled while taking notes knows the joy of it. Now you can doodle in full color!
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4 colour ball point pen

Includes the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

Can be used to create every colour by combining the 4

Includes a mixing guide on packet

Every colour can be created by combining the 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. The CMYK process is used in printing to build up full colour images, and now you can use that same process to create full colour art with this ballpoint pen. Change inks with the sliding selectors, coloured ink tubes in the clear nib provide visual confirmation. Experiment, doodle, sketch, get cross-hatching and get creative, but most importantly, never leave home without it.

Designed and made by Suck UK

12 x 136 x 18mm | 10.16g

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Returning Products
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